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April 12, 2014

I'm such a baaaaad writer! No updates for months? What the heck have I been doing? I'll try to do better. Too many things and too little hours in the day. Real life intrudes, but I'm hoping things settle down to a manageable level.



More exciting news on the publishing front! The extremely talented JM Carr (my wife!) has just signed on with Regal Crest Enterprises to publish her first novel, Hard Lessons. Here's the blurb:

June Cunningham was four years old when her parents were brutally murdered. Now as a brilliant young engineering student, she falls in love with the killer's next intended victim.

Irene Hawkins is the estranged wife of a self-absorbed financial executive whose greed knows no bounds.

June has learned to live without family and Irene has learned to deny her feelings. When they come together, everyone learns more than they ever expected.

This debut novel is tentatively scheduled to be released in June, 2014.

Jan has her own website now - run over and check it out!


Great news! Beyond Always, book 9 in the Lex & Amanda series, has been signed to a contract with Regal Crest Enterprises - tentative publication date is July 2014! Watch this space for more news!


Want to know what I do in my free time? We geocache! Wanna know more? Check out our Facebook page for our geocaching persona!


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